Do the inventory audit with simple steps

Upload book stock
if needed - Do sampling with multiple options
Search material or Scan barcode & note down actual stock through mobile.
Take Photos and upload evidence
If needed do the reconciliation
Note down observations (optional)
Generate online report with annexures

Bringing the power of automation to your inventory verification.


Take your mobile to the store and Perform end-to-end Inventory verification and stock audit through any mobile device.

Easy search of items

Do quick verification by easy Search with QR code, Barcode or OCR scanner for any part number/material.

Don’t waste time searching for materials/part numbers in endless lists and avoid manual work.

Software-based sampling of book stock

Create various criteria for sampling and get the sample immediately on the software.

Many options are pre-built in the tool like “top x numbers” or “top x%” – based on rate, value, quantity etc.

Perform basic analyses

such as – Material movement, expiry analysis and other stock-related aspects etc. within the TakeStock web application.

Record relevant or general observations

from the stock audit as required in the software as needed, making them seamlessly available for a comprehensive end-to-end experience.

Attach relevant documents

including mobile-captured photos as evidence and tag it directly to the inventory in the software.

Easy Online reconciliation

of deviations through both the mobile and web applications as and when required.

With a click – get stock audit report

in Word and Excel with all the formatting already done along with detailed annexures. Save time and effort of formatting with ready-to-print reports.

Retain audit documents on the portal

till 3 months. All the report and documents can be downloaded/ exported at the click of the button.

Note: Documents will get deleted at the end of 3 months on the portal.